NCSSM has held an annual conference for North Carolina students and their teachers since 1998. This event focuses on the ethical challenges and leadership issues that our students face in this ever-changing world.

The objectives of this experience include:

  1. Develop a conceptual understanding of the meaning and effective practice of leadership.

  2. Improve leadership skills including: asking significant questions; making ethical decisions; analyzing and evaluating information sources; writing; speaking to groups; using methods of visual communication.

  3. Develop high personal standards and an understanding of the tools available for making decisions that involve ethical judgments.

Looking to extend your knowledge and prepare for the conference? Try these resources.

Check out this series of short videos, created by the Ryden AI program at NCSSM, to get an overview of how AI is impacting society today.

Read wildly varying perspectives on the future of AI. It is fun to compare and contrast the various authors, or to find one that most closely matches your own perspective and swap with a friend.

Read this entire nonfiction book for free in 100 serialized pieces, one published per week. Each essay also stands alone. The overarching premise of Team Human is that our technology should benefit humanity.